Medical Cannabis Security

No matter how unassuming your grow facility’s location and exterior may seem, a Medical Cannabis Grow Facility will always provide a target for individuals looking to exploit the cannabis industry. This is why you owe it to your facility’s viability to contact Bri-Bet Security Solutions.

Without the appropriate physical security measures in place, a Medical Cannabis Grow Facility is easily a “soft target”. We provide our clients with highly skilled and experienced law enforcement and security consultants who will develop a comprehensive Physical Security and Threat Assessment and provide a highly trained protection force to mitigate threats and security risks your facility will encounter.

Bri-Bet only employs the most qualified security professionals in the industry. We select current or retired federal agents and state and local law enforcement officers and utilize the talents of experienced military personnel who possess special operations backgrounds. Bri-Bet is one of the first security companies in the region to utilize the talents of our military’s Wounded Warriors to help ensure our client’s protection.

Select Bri-Bet’s Medical Cannabis Protection experts to develop your comprehensive Physical Security and Threat Assessment and provide the Security Protection Force needed to protect your facility. We guarantee we will meet and exceed all your Medical Cannabis security concerns and needs.

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